Café le Journal - or: how it all began


Once upon a time there were two young rascals. One was a native of the Saarland from a poor working-class family, the other a refugee from the GDR.

The two met in the small town of St. Wendel in the 1960s and made the best of their lives, partying, playing music and emulating the fair beauties of the opposite sex.

This gave them so much pleasure that they wanted to share it with others and so they opened a pub. It still stands today - the spinning wheel.

As the two rascals grew older and their offspring arrived, they thought - besides partying and women, you also have to eat well. So they opened le Journal in the old Café Fröhlich.

And if they haven't died, you'll see one of them in a Hawaiian shirt from time to time.



Wines also have stories - our Müller-Thurgau


In 1882, an elegant and distinguished young grape from the house of Riesling and the table grape Madeleine Royale fell madly in love.

Not long after, this union produced a scion which the parents named Müller - Thurgau after the person who gave birth to it.

It is a grape that is characterised by mildness, freshness and lightness and loves the summer. It gets around a lot and enjoys life. She also likes to sit on the Schlossplatz in St. Wendel and enjoy a light salad or fresh pasta.